We have a 24 hour cancellation policy.  We understand that life happens, but to be fair to all of our clients and staff, we will be assessing a new charge to recurring cancellations and reschedules.

-Any client that misses, cancels, or reschedules an appointment without a 24 hour notice, more than twice, will be required to deposit 50% toward the next appointment.  If that  appointment is not kept, they will loose the deposit.

-Any appointment that has been cancelled or moved more than twice, less than 1 week before the service, will be asked to put a 25% deposit towards your next appointment. If that appointment is not kept, they will loose the deposit.

-Any client that repeatedly does not follow any of these policies will be moved to a" walk-in only" basis.


-All of our clients booking a three hour or longer time slot will be required to deposit $50 toward the service.  If the appointment is missed, cancelled or moved without a 24 hour notice, the deposit will be lost.  If the appointment is missed, cancelled, or moved without a 24 hour notice, more than twice, they will be asked to put a 50% deposit for the next appointment.  The appointment can be rescheduled  twice with a 24 hour notice before the deposit is lost.